Does he drink alcohol? Nominee for Utah liquor commission is staying quiet until confirmation

Park City attorney Thomas N. Jacobson has been appointed to the state liquor commission, the governor’s office announced Thursday.

Jacobson, who has been a practicing attorney in California and Utah for more than 40 years, is a graduate of Utah State University and received his law degree from the University of Utah in 1972.

Does he drink alcohol? Jacobson has declined interviews until his confirmation by the Utah Senate. A hearing is expected in late September.

In a news release announcing his nomination, Jacobson said he was “honored and humbled by the governor’s confidence in me, and if confirmed, it is my intention to take on this responsibility with absolute dedication and service to the people of Utah.”

Jacobson replaces Jeffery Wright, a social drinker whose four-year term expired July 1.

In addition to Wright, commissioners Olivia Vela Agraz and Amanda Smith have said publicly that they drink socially.

Gov. Gary Herbert also reappointed Steven B. Bateman to a second term on the commission.

Here’s brief profile of the seven-member board. Each is appointed by the governor and serves a four-year term.

Chairman John T. Nielsen • Nondrinker, appointed 2013, reappointed March 2017.  A former Salt Lake County prosecutor who directed the Public Safety Department from 1985 to 1989.

Olivia Vela Agraz • Social drinker, appointed 2012, reappointed 2016. Community volunteer.

Kathleen McConkie Collinwood • Nondrinker, appointed 2010, reappointed 2014. Davis County attorney.

Steven B. Bateman • Nondrinker, appointed 2015 (partial term), reappointed 2017, pending Senate confirmation. Chief executive officer of St. Mark’s Hospital.

Neal Berube • Nondrinker, appointed 2015. President and CEO of Associated Food Stores.

Amanda Smith • Social drinker, appointed 2015. Former head of the Utah Department of Environmental Quality.

Thomas Jacobson • Status unknown, appointed 2017, pending Senate confirmation. Park City attorney.

from The Salt Lake Tribune


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