Salt Lake County Republicans discuss investigation into acting county recorder, Julie Dole

Acting Salt Lake County Recorder Julie Dole could face possible Republican Party sanctions Thursday night over allegations she took steps to conceal the mental illness of her former boss, Gary Ott.

Dole vehemently denied the accusations in a Facebook post Thursday afternoon

“I have done my utmost to execute the duties of my Oath of Office both as Chief Deputy and now as Recorder for Salt Lake County, and to serve the best interests of all of you as property holders and the public of Salt Lake County,” she wrote, calling the accusations against her “false and unfounded.”

Dole also disclosed that she has been fighting breast cancer and “will soon be fully recovered.”

The executive committee of the county GOP is scheduled to hear findings on the matter from a special investigative panel. The results — and possible vote — will take place behind closed doors.

Among disciplinary actions being considered are Dole’s removal as a state senate district chairwoman and/or possible expulsion from the party.

Thursday’s meeting and discussion of possible sanctions was scheduled a week ahead of a scheduled special party election at which an interim recorder will be chosen to serve through 2018.

Concerns have been floated that any disciplinary action before that election could invite legal challenges, with a possible effect of delaying the vote.

Dole is one among a crowded field of candidates for the interim recorder post — a position that could give its occupant an incumbent’s advantage in the balloting next year.

She faces County Councilman Max Burdick, state Rep. Adam Gardiner and a raft of other hopefuls.

Dole served as Ott’s chief deputy from March 2014 through Aug. 1, when she took over as acting recorder upon Ott’s resignation. His departure was agreed to in a deal struck by the county and Ott’s siblings, who had been accepted as temporary legal guardians by a state district judge.

The accusations against Dole stem from her fierce defense of Ott’s ability to fulfill obligations of his elected post amid mounting evidence that for more than a year he played no role in running the office.

from The Salt Lake Tribune


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