Letter: Confront the Republican monster

The collapse of Mitch McConnell’s deviously advanced health care bill evidences that Republicans are masters of obstructionism. When they run out of Democratic policies to obstruct, they obstruct their own.

The GOP is a very loosely sutured Frankensteinian monster. Now, with its recently implanted Trumpish brain, the monster is thoughtlessly ripping out its own sutures. Will this monster disintegrate into mismatched organs and members?

How much longer can this monster remain propped up by gerrymandering, by voter suppression, by pushing divisive hot-button social issues, by its appeal to the worst instincts of working class white voting blocs and, of course, by the funds of the brothers Koch and their Libertarian friends? Will the tensions between the Republican Party’s establishment and its pseudo-populist, Libertarian and even alt-right factions defy effective resolution?

Unfortunately, the Democrats confront this monster, not with pitchforks and torches, but solely with their own just-short-of-terminal ineptitude. Pointing out that the monster is indeed monstrous will not, in and of itself, win elections.

Andrew G. Bjelland Sr.

Salt Lake City

from The Salt Lake Tribune http://www.sltrib.com/opinion/letters/2017/08/12/letter-confront-the-republican-monster


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