Letter: Why I’ll vote for Curtis

Hello National Horizon,

Hello National Horizon,

Thank you for helping me to decide whom to vote for in our area, the 3rd Congressional District of Utah. My decision was made by the four ads which have appeared in my mailbox in a week. I decided if you had to resort to your kind of negative ads against a candidate instead of upfront telling us your values and whom you support (like in the first two ads), you probably can’t be trusted to present other information correctly either, such as in the ads against one of the candidates, John Curtis. You don’t even mention the Congressional District in which the 3 candidates are running.

If you are not for John Curtis, you are for one of the others. In two of your ads, the flip side of the ad supports Chris Herrod, but when I spoke with one of his campaign staff who was aware of the ads, she disavowed his sanctioning it and wanted to distance him as far away as possible. That type of an ad may be a smart tactic from your vantage point in Washington D.C. but in this area I don’t think that you are doing the other two opponents a favor, as most people here don’t like those kinds of political ads.

You and the other two candidates must believe that John Curtis has a good chance to win when you spend your good money to come into our state and resort to this type of negative campaign. If he is that good, I want him to win so that there is a delegate with integrity even in his campaigning for Congress to represent our state.

I like the conservative values and support them but not the way you use them. True conservative values are higher than the standards you use in going about your campaigning for people. There is a good probability that this will backfire for the other two candidates in Utah, as Utah voters are pretty savvy and can see through these types of ads.

Thanks for helping me decide to vote for John Curtis.

Nona Nibley


from The Salt Lake Tribune http://www.sltrib.com/opinion/letters/2017/08/12/letter-why-ill-vote-for-curtis


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